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us there, common people's various destitute opiums, so only take down Guiyang and control Guizhou completely are two code matters, having no disorderly battle of a few months can not eliminate to stop at all, Kendrys Morales Youth Jersey so intentionally stop one's ears.
Oneself doesn't ask other people to sought to come to come, clapped a knee to say:"Settle however is Cai Song Po toward the Zhuo if sue in court, just deeply more at the midnight come noisy I old man son rest, you tell him that I already sleep next, tomorrow again say."Finish saying, started to walk to go into inside.
Wang Yi Tang looking at Kevin Pillar Youth Jersey tiny tiny one Leng of his figures, this but participate southwest of good opportunity, so does the white white pass?Hurriedly cross-examine Yang Shi Qi:"Almond city, is temple's protecting this He Yi?The south remains an one breath at this time, is exactly participate southwest of good opportunity, why."
"The beam Qi super recommendation comes of can someone?He thinks are all of other people fools, doesn't know him does that carefully think!Cai Song Po?However is one of his pawn, want to lend the hand of Dian soldier the Qian, Chuan and laurels all the Lan commence in!Make what?Not just want to coerce the center by southwest in the future, protect him that pediatric emperor, does the wild Lourdes Gurriel Youth Jersey diagram resume big Manchu Dynasty!"The white of Yang Shi Qi his one eye, continue to say:"These people can use, but can not hold, can not even move!Want to stay them to have peace of mind for 1 of emperor and queen mother.Southwest as far as carefully I do you really think that the adult doesn't think a tube?Can we take what tube now?The southwest acrosses 108,000 inside, Wu Sheng 's closing to see is about to return to Yang Qiu, troops parties however want to take care of to is also an empty talk."
Wang Yi Tang's always returning isn't a discard, don't understand a way:"The battalion isn't past, but give some supports or can accomplish.The mountain many people of Guizhou are sparse, the bandit walks sideways, Marco Estrada Youth Jersey Yang Qiu even if take down Guiyang, Dian soldier perhaps also can't kind give up, this battle didn't beat for a few months not over, might as well provide some armses to let soup feel, let him send for Cai E to, don't make them spare a hand."
"Carefully I the say of quite good, can we now which still have superfluous arms to send a person?!The adult has already prepared to make a Zhi expensive to enlist 250 camps to need to be used, the foreigner there promises of borrow funds haven't come to hand, we in hand still rich there?"
The Hey Hey of Wang Yi Tang a smile:"We have no be able to the foreigner have?Man the Chuan railroad be made by Yang Qiu private build, three province top and bottom one support, we have already not moved.Yue man the line lead long to pull to still have British to looking at too greatly, but not is have the Dian Shu the Teng more railroad company?Might as well send a person allusion the soup feel, simply sell to the Japanese to this company calculate, lane 231,000,000 still can accomplish."
Yang Shi Qi listens to he say to till the last is again a Japanese, in the mind dissatisfied way:"Carefully I still work hard much and more governmental affairs, the eye Chou pure room wants to abdicate right away, or as early as possible ready to the affair that the adult takes office a big president, stop letting south the noodles drilled empty son."After finishing saying him also walked, anti- pour Wang Yi Tang Pie who comes to make collective report at inside the building, toward a figure malicious Cui on